Who We Are

The Evangelical Chaplains Commission provides support and endorsement for evangelicals to minister as chaplains in the military and in civilian capacities. The Commission also connects and represents the chaplain ministries of 35 denominations making it the largest representative body of chaplains in the U.S. Armed Forces and Veterans Administration.

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Become A Chaplain

Chaplains serve as pastors in places where churches often cannot go — battlefields, hospitals, prison cells, boardrooms, police departments and on and on.

In these unique places and in times of crisis, chaplains become visible reminders of God. Since a strong relationship with a local church or denomination is essential to a chaplain’s success and well-being, applicants must be recommended to us by a church or denomination that is a member of the Evangelical Chaplains Commission.

Join As An Endorser

We are pleased to connect and convene the chaplain ministries of other denominations and networks where we resource, network and encourage one another. Together we are stronger and more effective.

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